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@serge-rider serge-rider released this Dec 23, 2018 · 1649 commits to devel since this release

            - Java 11 support was added
            - Data transfer: saving for tables/columns mappings was added
            - Extensions installation/update were fixed on Windows (infinite restart loop)
            - Object editor:
                - Actions toolbar UI was fixed
                - Expand/collapse actions for all list items were added
                - Foreign key creation dialog was fixed
            - Data editor:
                - Dictionary value viewer/editor was fixed (null values, SQLite foreign keys)
                - Tooltips for foreign key links were added
                - Shortcuts for data view panels were added (customizable)
                - Results pagination now supports full data refresh (configurable)
                - Grid columns width calculation was fixed
            - SQL editor:
                - Query timing was fixed
            - Linked files/folders rename was fixed
            - PostgreSQL:
                - UI for active database switching was improved
                - Interval data type support was improved
                - Database backup was fixed (schema name quote)
                - Support for table triggers comment view/edit was added
            - Greenplum:
                - Tables DDL show GP-specific options now
                - Partition tables view was fixed
            - DB2 z/OS: views definition reading was added
            - Sybase/SAP ASE/SQL Anywhere: stored procedure list reading was fixed
            - Vertica: projection columns comments view/edit support was added
            - MonetDB: driver configuration was added
            - Many minor UI bugfixes
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