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Waery Discord Bot


Make sure there is a .env file with appropriate API keys. In the terminal run npm i to install dependencies.

Then run either:

  • npm run start to start the bot regularly
  • npm run dev to start the bot with nodemon

Current Features

Play Music When a user is in a voice channel, they can use the play command with a youtube video link to listen to the audio. Use skip to skip songs and stop to kick the bot from the voice channel.

This feature is a work in progress, I am planning to add:

  • More controls
  • Support to queue a whole playlist

I may also merge this command with the youtube search one so users do not need the youtube video url to play what they want.

Youtube Search: A user can trigger a youtube video search by beginning their search with yt, the bot will take whatever comes after it and retrieve 5 matching videos to select from. The user can then reply with a number between 1-5 for a video URL in the chat.

Dad Jokes: When a user mentions the work joke, the bot tells a random dad joke from Also if a user mentions any variation of the words I am or I'm, the bot will reply accordingly.

Roasts: The roast command will trigger the bot to reply with a randomised insult.

Roll a Random Number: Typing roll and a number will generate a random number from 1 to the number user entered.

Weather: When using the command weather with a city name, the bot will return the current weather and temperature for the given city.

XKCD: xkcd retrieves a random xkcd comic and posts it in the chat.

More suggestions welcome!

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