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Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers
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StaMPS - Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers


StaMPS is a software package that allows to extract ground displacements from time series of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) acquisitions. The package incorporates persistent scatterer and small baseline methods plus an option to combine both approaches. It is compatible with the TRAIN software and therefore allows to incorporate various tropospheric correction methods in the processing workflow.


See the StaMPS manual for installation details and dependencies.

Supported InSAR pre-processors:

  • ISCE
  • SNAP


The original version was developed at Stanford University but subsequent development has taken place mainly at the University of Iceland, Delft University of Technology and the University of Leeds. In addition, there have been community contributions.


  • Andy Hooper (Lead)
  • David Bekaert
  • Karsten Spaans
  • Ekbal Hussain
  • Mahmut Arikan
  • Anneleen Oyen
  • Miguel Caro Cuenca
  • Jose Manuel Delgado Blasco
  • other commmunity members

Community contributions are welcomed.

Contact details

Andy Hooper
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds
Leeds, LS2 9JT

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