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Lastfm collage generator (+ twitter/mastodon bot to post the generated collages).
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lastfm_cg : lastfm collage generator

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Generate covers collage from albums listened by a lastfm user.

This utility needs a valid config file with your lastfm API keys (get them at in ~/.config/lastfm_cg/config.ini (see config_sample.ini for an example).

It also caches the image files requested thanks to the requests-cache library. If you don't want the script to create an sqlite file in your ~/.local/share/lastfm_cg/ directory, you will have to launch the script with the -d/--disable_cache flag.

A twitter bot and a mastodon post are also available in the bot_lastfm_cg folder.

Some systemd service are also available int the systemd-service directory to run the lastfm_cg script at a given time. You will have to change them to match your configuration, more specifically the WorkingDirectory and ExecStart directive.


  • pylast
  • numpy
  • pillow
  • requests
  • requests-cache
  • tqdm


Installation in a virtualenv with pipenv (recommended) :

git clone
cd lastfm_cg
pipenv install '-e .'

Classic installation :

pip install lastfm_cg

If you are an Archlinux user, you can install the AUR package lastfm_cg-git.


Show the help and the available options.

lastfm_cg -h
usage: lastfm_cg [-h] [--debug] [--timeframe TIMEFRAME] [--rows ROWS]
                 [--columns COLUMNS] [--username USERNAME] [-d]

Create lastfm album collage for one or several lastfm users.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               Display debugging information
  --timeframe TIMEFRAME, -t TIMEFRAME
                        Timeframe (Accepted values : 7day, 1month, 3month,
                        6month, 12month, overall. Default : 7day).
  --rows ROWS, -r ROWS  Number of rows (Default : 5).
  --columns COLUMNS, -c COLUMNS
                        Number of columns (Default : number of rows).
  --username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
                        Usernames to extract, separated by comma.
  -d, --disable_cache   Disable the cache

Generate a collage for the user USER of the size 5x5 for the last 7 days (default values).

lastfm_cg -u USER
lastfm_cg -u USER -t 7day -r 5

Generate collages for the users USER and USER2 of the size 3x30 for all their listening history.

lastfm_cg -u USER,USER2 -t overall -r 3 -c 30
lastfm_cg --username USER,USER2 --timeframe overall --rows 3 --columns 30

Sample results

Systemd service

cp systemd-service/* ~/.config/systemd/user/
systemctl --user daemon-reload
systemctl --user enable --now lastfm_cg_weekly.timer
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