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Developing --host .
npm install -g protractor
webdriver-manager update
webdriver-manager start
protractor conf.js

Running in Production update --oauth2 .



x = logged window.performance.timing; z = []; for (k in x) { t = x[k]; if (t > 0) { z.push([t - x.navigationStart, k]) }}; z.sort().map(function(pair) { return pair[1] + ": " + pair[0]})

To Do

  • Add virtual no project project
  • Give projects default context
  • Deactivating projects
  • Fix desktop "scrolling" by keyboard

Bugs that I don't care that much about

  • Remote task completions trigger notifications.
  • Add jsonp and csrf protection-$http
  • Awesome smashing animation when completing a task.
  • Simplify schema and merging to be lasts write wins on the whole object.