PR2 robot projects such as making it play drums and piano
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ROS stacks to have the PR2 do cool stuff.

These projects were short hackathons so the code's a bit of a mess. Don't judge us! :-)

PR2 Poop Scoop

For our summer 2011 hackathon (and in the following weeks) we created the poop scoop stack to find poops and clean them up. We submitted the to IROS and were accepted as a demo project. You can see it in action at The original footage is at

PR2 Band

This stack enables the PR2 (and other robots with arms) to play drums and keyboard. The music is read from midi files.

This was the result of a weekend hackathon (7/23/2010 - 7/25/2010) and the code is messy.

Our submission video is at