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Commits on Apr 12, 2012
  1. @dbussink
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. @brixen

    Run all spec tasks even when a failure occurs.

    brixen authored
    This will also set the final exit status to one of the failing statuses if
    a failure occurs. Obviously, since there can only be one final exit status,
    there is only one value possible if more than one spec process fails. But the
    main point is to exit with some error status if some spec process fails.
  2. @IPGlider

    Remove tag for passing spec

    IPGlider authored
  3. @dbussink

    Regenerated Rapa

    dbussink authored
  4. @jc00ke

    Merge pull request #1660 from michalbugno/kernel-string

    jc00ke authored
    Kernel#String raises TypeError if passed object doesn't respond_to?(:to_s)
  5. @IPGlider

    Double starting size of dynamic buffer in Time#strftime

    IPGlider authored
    An educated guess about the size but our current benchmark show a performance gain of ~1.85.
  6. Move the logic of setting file open flags from ::binwrite to ::write

    Michal Bugno authored
    Added File::BINARY flag for ::binwrite
  7. IO::binwrite with more understandable file open logic

    Michal Bugno authored
  8. IO::write added

    Michal Bugno authored
  9. IO::binwrite doesn't have to open missing files twice

    Michal Bugno authored
  10. IO::binwrite creates missing file even if offset given

    Michal Bugno authored
  11. IO::binwrite added

    Michal Bugno authored
  12. @jfirebaugh
  13. @jfirebaugh
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. @jfirebaugh
  2. @jfirebaugh
  3. @jfirebaugh
  4. @jfirebaugh
  5. @jfirebaugh

    Spec IO#close_on_exec{=,?}

    jfirebaugh authored
  6. @brixen
  7. @brixen
  8. @brixen
  9. @brixen
  10. @brixen
  11. @dbussink

    Merge pull request #1643 from IPGlider/master

    dbussink authored
    Remove 128 chars limit in Time#strftime to fix #1632
  12. @jfirebaugh

    Implement Process.spawn

    jfirebaugh authored
    This is a basic pure-Ruby fork/exec implementation based on
  13. @jfirebaugh
  14. @ryoqun

    Remove unused VMMethod forward

    ryoqun authored
  15. @ryoqun
  16. @ryoqun
Commits on Apr 9, 2012
  1. @jfirebaugh
  2. @jfirebaugh
  3. @evanphx
  4. @jfirebaugh
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