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Exiv2 support for Node.js
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Exiv2 is a native c++ extension for io.js and node.js that provides support for reading and writing image metadata via the Exiv2 library.


To build this addon you'll need the Exiv2 library and headers so if you're using a package manager you might need to install an additional "-dev" packages.


apt-get install libexiv2 libexiv2-dev


You'll also need to install pkg-config to help locate the library and headers.


port install pkgconfig exiv2


brew install pkg-config exiv2

Other systems

See the Exiv2 download page for more information.

Installation Instructions

Once the dependencies are in place, you can build and install the module using npm:

npm install exiv2

You can verify that everything is installed and operating correctly by running the tests:

npm test

Sample Usage

Read tags:

var ex = require('exiv2');

ex.getImageTags('./photo.jpg', function(err, tags) {
  console.log("DateTime: " + tags["Exif.Image.DateTime"]);
  console.log("DateTimeOriginal: " + tags["Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal"]);

Load preview images:

var ex = require('exiv2')
  , fs = require('fs');

ex.getImagePreviews('./photo.jpg', function(err, previews) {
  // Display information about the previews.

  // Or you can save them--though you'll probably want to check the MIME
  // type before picking an extension.
  fs.writeFile('preview.jpg', previews[0].data);

Write tags:

var ex = require('exiv2')

var newTags = {
  "Exif.Photo.UserComment" : "Some Comment..",
  "Exif.Canon.OwnerName" : "My Camera"
ex.setImageTags('./photo.jpg', newTags, function(err){
  if (err) {
  } else {
    console.log("setImageTags complete..");

Delete tags:

var ex = require('exiv2')

var tagsToDelete = ["Exif.Photo.UserComment", "Exif.Canon.OwnerName"];
ex.deleteImageTags('./photo.jpg', tagsToDelete, function(err){
  if (err) {
  } else {
    console.log("deleteImageTags complete..");

Take a look at the examples/ and test/ directories for more.

email: dberesford at gmail twitter: @dberesford

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