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Updates to the README.

Split out the installation instructions to make the platform specifics clearer.
Fixed a bug in the sample code.
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-Exiv2 is a native c++ extension for [node.js]( that provides support for reading & writing image metadata via [Exiv2 library](
+Exiv2 is a native c++ extension for [node.js]( that provides
+support for reading and writing image metadata via the [Exiv2 library](
## Dependencies
-To build this addon you'll need the Exiv2 library and headers. On Debian/Ubuntu, `sudo apt-get install exiv2 libexiv2-dev`. See the [Exiv2 download page]( for more information.
+To build this addon you'll need the Exiv2 library and headers so if you're using
+a package manager you might need to install an additional "-dev" packages.
-The tests are written using [Mocha]( and [Should](
+### Debian
-## Installation Instructions
+ apt-get install libexiv2 libexiv2-dev
+### OS X
+You'll also need to install pkg-config to help locate the library and headers.
+ port install pkgconfig exiv2
-Install the library and headers using package manager appropriate to your system:
+ brew install pkg-config exiv2
- - Debian: `apt-get install libexiv2 libexiv2-dev`
- - OS X MacPorts: `port install pkgconfig exiv2`
- - OS X Homebrew: `brew install pkg-config exiv2`
+### Other systems
-Install the module with npm:
+See the [Exiv2 download page]( for more
+## Installation Instructions
+Once the dependencies are in place, you can build and install the module using
npm install exiv2
+You can verify that everything is installed and operating correctly by running
+the tests:
+ npm test
## Sample Usage
### Read tags:
@@ -55,7 +76,7 @@ Install the module with npm:
"Exif.Photo.UserComment" : "Some Comment..",
"Exif.Canon.OwnerName" : "My Camera"
- ex.setImageTags('./photo.jpg', , function(err){
+ ex.setImageTags('./photo.jpg', newTags, function(err){
if (err) {
} else {

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