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Unable to add to the current list of IPTC keywords #23

hackmykack opened this Issue Feb 7, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hey guys,

I have some image files which contain IPTC keywords.
The IPTC tag is 'Iptc.Application2.Keywords'.

As it stands right now .. exiv2.js only uses 'setImageTags()' which replaces the first keyword in the list instead of cumuatively adding to the list.

The exiv2 command I use to do it from cmdline is 'exiv2 -M "add Iptc.Application2.Keywords String Water" ba1-0501.jpg' which works perfectly.

Any chance this interface could be added to exiv2.js
Would be really awesome !!!

Anyways thnx so much for an amazing module.




yeah, setImageTags uses exiv's 'setValue' under the hood. We'd should also support 'add', i.e. a new addImageTags() function that calls exiv's 'add' under the hood (which appends key/values). Will certainly put this on the list but given other commitments I can't say when it will be done.

Thanks for your feedback - like your github handle btw ;-)



don't mention it.

I'm using exiv2.js in a node-webkit app and as a stopgap measure .. am using nodes' sys module to execute exiv2 commands directly. (I know .. it's a bad hack .. but hey "they" don't call me you-know-what for nothing :)

Anyways, thnx much for this awesome node module.

See ya.

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