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Add more examples #9

drewish opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I think it'd be good to provide some more examples. One I'd thought about was dealing with dates, something like:

    var fs = require('fs')
      , path = require('path')
      , exiv = require('exiv2')
      , async = require('async');

     * Convert exiv2's date time strings into Date instances.
     * The first parameter is the date string from exiv2, e.g. '2012:04:14 17:45:52'
     * a tag like 'Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal'.
     * The second parameter may be hundredths of a second (0-99) to add to the date,
     * e.g. the Exif.Photo.SubSecTimeOriginal tag. This can be useful when sorting
     * photos by time and photos may have may been taken in a single second.
    function makeDate(exivDate, subSec) {
      // Date.parse() doesn't recognize the custom format so the easiest thing to
      // do is convert it to ISO 8601 (e.g. "2012-04-14T17:45:52") which it
      // recognizes. The colons in the date need to become hyphens and the space
      // needs to become a 'T'.

      // So split it into two...
      var datetime = exivDate.split(' ');
      // ...then change the colons in date into hyphens...
      datetime[0] = datetime[0].replace(/:/g, '-');
      // ...then join it back together with a 'T' and parse it.
      var d = new Date(Date.parse(datetime.join('T')));

      // If they provided sub-second data, scale it from hundredths of a second to
      // thousands and apply it to the date.
      if (subSec) d.setMilliseconds(subSec * 10)

      return d;

    var dirpath = '100EOS5D';
    path.exists(dirpath, function (exists) {
      if (exists) {
        if (fs.statSync(dirpath).isDirectory()) {
          var files = fs.readdirSync(dirpath);
          // Use async to handle a all the delayed callbacks.
            function iterate(filename, done) {
              var filepath = path.join(dirpath, filename),
                  sequence = /^IMG_(\d{4})\.CR2$/i.exec(filename);
              // Make sure it's one of my photos.
              if (sequence) {
                exiv.getImageTags(filepath, function(err, tags) {
                  var date = makeDate(tags['Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal'], tags['Exif.Photo.SubSecTimeOriginal']);
                  // console.log("%s: %s", filename, date);
                  done(err, date);
            function complete(err, sorted) {

But I need to debug this.

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