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Make TAB key jump to next found link #4

aristidesfl opened this Issue · 3 comments

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⌘G jumps to the next link containing the text, and ⌘⇧G jumps to the previous.

While this might be the politically correct thing to do, I can't live without TAB.
Would it be possible to add an option which makes TAB and ⇧TAB iterate thru found results?

I would do it myself, but it would take you 1/10 of the time..

Thanks and congratulations for this essential!

@dbergey dbergey closed this

Sorry, ⌘G / ⌘⇧G are how I plan to keep supporting this in the extension, which mirrors search. However, I think option-tab will do what you want (focusing the next link), and is a feature of Safari itself.

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