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Benchmark performance, availability, etc. of web APIs in long-term experiments
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This project can be used to run long-term availability and performance tests for web APIs that are available over http(s). Currently, only http(s) GET requests are supported but using POST, PUT, etc. requires only a few changes (statically determine the content of a requests and simply set the URLConnection instance to use POST, PUT, etc.



  • put URLs/domain addresses in config files similar to the examples in the folder sampleInputFiles (please, make sure that the respective target "speaks" the desired protocol)
  • specify the location of those files as program parameters and run it
  • preferably, choose a geo-distributed deployment


  • no Java library dependencies (that's why this is not a maven project :))
  • install cipherscan into the same folder (or change the hard-coded path in class CipherscanRunner, line 81), you can simply clone the cipherscan git from:

Usage and license

 author = {David Bermbach and Erik Wittern},
 title = {Benchmarking Web API Quality},
 booktitle = {Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2016)},
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This tool is published under the MIT License.

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