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Trello for Alfred v0.9.1

Trello for Alfred Workflow Screenshot

Description: Trello Workflow for the Mac OS app Alfred v2 that allows you to quickly create new cards with labels on your Trello board lists.

Version: 0.9.1

Installation & Setup

  • Double click on the trello.alfredworkfow file to have Alfred v2 automatically install this workflow
  • Open Alfred and enter the trigger: trello
    • Select Authorize Trello
    • This will open a browser window and ask for permission to access your Trello account
  • Once you approve the permissions a token will be displayed, copy this to your clipboard
  • Open Alfred and enter the trigger: trello again
    • Select Setup Trello
    • Follow the on screen instructions:
      • Paste your Trello authorization token
      • Enter in your Trello username
      • Select which Trello Board you would like to use
      • Select which list on your board you would like cards to be added to
      • Save!
  • To change your Trello settings once they are already set, you can access the Authorize and Setup options with:
    • trello:auth
    • trello:setup


  • trello card_title ; description #label #another-label !@listName
    • Required:
      • card_title
    • Optional:
      • description
        • To end the card title and start typing the description, use the ; character
      • #labels
        • To add labels to the card, simple prefix the label name with a # character
      • !@listName
        • Add the card to a list other than your default list
    • Example Usage:
      • trello This is my Card's title; This is my card's description... #myLabel #myOtherLabel !@mySpecificList


This workflow is based on this other Trello Workflow from MikoMagni. Trello API wrapper and PHP INI Builder are also used.

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