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Multipage Theme for GetSimple CMS


Multipage Theme for GetSimple CMS has the following features.

  • Responsive design based on Bootstrap 3.

  • Full height page view without overhead banner in the desktop view and on larger displays.

    Full width and height page view in the mobile and tablet view with the side menu hidden by default.

  • Multipage view with one parent page and child pages listed in the side menu (template multipage.php).

  • CSS using LESS to support quick theming according to needs.

    To successfully compile the less files provided in the theme you need to create an empty file /theme/Multipage/less/theme.less, which can later be used to override theme variables.

  • Flexibility to adapt the theme to your website needs using GetSimple CMS components.

    GetSimple CMS provides a handy method to add custom functionality using its feature called Components. You can add or edit components under the menu Theme > Edit Components. Each component can include some text, html tags and even php code enclosed in <?php ?> tags. But be careful not to expose you website to possible attacks!

    The following named components can be added through the GetSimple CMS dashboard:

    • header-pre-tags

      Inserted to the header right before the theme css tag.

      For example, you can use this component to reference general css files provided by a library you are using, so that they are placed before the main theme files.

    • header-post-tags

      Inserted to the header right after the theme css tag.

      For example, you can use this component to reference your own css files, so that they are placed after the main theme files.

    • sidebar-pre-#

      Inserted into the side menu above the Subpages list. Use <h2></h2> to style its heading.

      # is any number. Sections are sorted by this number.

    • sidebar-post-#

      Inserted into the side menu below the Subpages list. Use <h2></h2> to style its heading.

      # is any number. Sections are sorted by this number.

    • footer-tags

      Inserted at the end of the <body></body> element of the html document.

      For example, you can use this component to reference some Javascript libraries or provide scripts.

  • Additional theme settings.

    Additional settings, such as the first year the website was created and name to use in the copyright notice in the bottom, are stored in the file settings_multipage.xml located in the directory /data/other. Unfortunately, GetSimple CMS does not provide a unified mechanism to store, access and modify theme settings, unless a separate plugin is used. Therefore, without such a plugin, manual editing is needed.

  • Shortcodes and custom functions.

    Custom functions can be specified in the file functions_custom.php located in the directory /theme/Multipage/. This file (if exists) is imported by the file functions.php, so that the functions specified there are available to be used anywhere in the code and components.

    A shortcode is defined in the file functions_custom.php (see above) as a function shortcode_N, where N stands for a non-empty sequence of letters and underscores (corresponding to the regular expression [a-z_]+). The theme automatically searches the content for [N], and when found, checks whether the corresponding function exists. If the function exists and does not take any arguments, it is called, and the result of its call replaces the shortcode. If the function takes an argument, there should be a matching closing shortcode, i.e. [/N], and the content between the opening and closing shortcodes is passed to the function, with the result replacing the content between the shortcodes including them both.

  • Queued Javascript scripts.

    The queue_javascript function from the file functions.php can be used to add named javascript or other scripts (either inline or external) to the footer. This way, custom functions and shortcodes can add the same javascript code without it being duplicated.

  • Comments & Analytics: built-in support for Google Analytics and Disqus

About GetSimple

GetSimple CMS is a flatfile CMS that works fast and efficient.

The response time for my website has decreased dramatically once I switched from Wordpress to GetSimple CMS.

Official Website -


This software is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3. Please see LICENSE.txt located in the root directory of the theme.

It will be great if you link back to this theme page and GetSimple CMS if you use them.


PHP Requirements

PHP 5.2+


curl (optional)
gd (optional)

Browser Requirements

Javascript Enabled

GetSimple Requirements



  1. Copy the theme into the /theme/Multipage/ directory of your GetSimple CMS installation.

  2. Create the empty file /theme/Multipage/less/theme.less.

    This file can later be used to override the default theme variables.

  3. Activate the theme using the GetSimple CMS dashboard.


Override all the files (except for /theme/Multipage/less/theme.less or any other custom files) in the directory /theme/Multipage/ of your GetSimple CMS installation.


The software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY: without even implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


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