documents of DBFlute, e.g. HTML for public site
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DBFlute Document

This project manages all documents of DBFlute.

#How to fix web-site documents

The 'web' directory has HTML files for public site.
Fix the HTML files directly.
(see 'web/readme_ja.txt' for HTML policy)

#How to deploy and publish

  1. write HTML documents in 'web' directory.
  2. execute 'html' task of 'script/build-document.xml' by Apache Ant
  3. commit and push 'dbflute-www' modification, and publish in Seasar management site

#hope jflute will migrate from Apache Ant to something else (2019/01/02)
#hope jflute will migrate from 'dbflute-www' to github pages (2019/01/02)