An SD backed queue that keeps a queue pointer
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The PersistentQueue allows you to store a time ordered series of messages on an SD card. It is useful if you are (e.g.) trying to take a series of readings and have a less than reliable network connection. We had just this problem when trying to use a GSM connection and found it unusable every day during rush hour. So, while the GSM network is overloaded, we queue up messages to be sent out at a later time.


PersistentQueue works directly on an SD object, as defined in SD.h. This library assumes you are using one of the newer versions of the SD library that allows more than 1 open file at a time.

While the PersistentQueue works best if you have a reliable time source, prefereablly a RTC module, we use the Arduino chip time. It is up to you to make sure that is accurate. This can be done by using the the RTC module as a sync source for the Arduino chip.


#include "PersistantQueue.h"

PersistentQueue p_queue;

void setup()
  p_queue = new PersistantQueue();


1 - Create a p_queue object and point it to your SD card 2 - Write a record 3 - Get record count 4 - Manipulate the cursor

This code is released under the MIT LICENSE.