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CS 4220, Spring 2017
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hw Corrected x -> alpha in the code comments. May 14, 2017
lec Corrected 4/26 lecture notes typo and m to m-1 on final problem 6 May 13, 2017
management Added table scraper. Jan 27, 2016
util Updated mirroring script. Jan 4, 2017
web Added final. May 11, 2017
.gitignore Fixed typos and changed interface of p2discrepancy Mar 24, 2017 Update README info. Jan 4, 2017


This is the course material repository for Cornell CS 4220 for the Spring 2017 semester. This repository will contain lecture notes, homework assignments, reference codes, utilities, and the source for the class web site. Feel free to use the code, TeX files, or other materials here; also, feel free to post pull requests if you see items that ought to be corrected.

Note: I encourage you to use Git for your own work, but please do not put your assignment solutions in public GitHub repositories. Note that GitHub and BitBucket both offer private repositories; I typically use BitBucket for this purpose.

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