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Making cognitive neuroscience playful

Brain is a private project to develop an educational platform to help students engage with cognitive neuroscience in a playful manner. Brain is my attempt to make cognitive neuroscience more intuitive, more of a process of discovery than memorization, and more effectively achieve the learning goals of instructors.


  • Provide a unified visual/spatial framework for students to engage with a brain simulation
  • Interactive / responsive tools to observe sensory input, motor output, internal feedback, and signal broadcast in the brain
  • Experimental tools to test adding and removing signals
  • Integrated tutorials (currently worksheets) that create linear tracks through Brain to help students discover specific conceptual principles
  • (future) Integrated quizzes that track student knowledge as they interact with different aspects of Brain


This page is an issues tracker for the project which tracks the stable branch deployed at, a developmental branch exists which can be deployed by collaborators using a local node server. The main code repository is currently private but please send Dan an email ( if you are interested in collaborating.