Modular kernel built for simplicity
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SeaOS - seakernel

NOTE - A current large refactoring of this kernel is happening in a separate repo and will be merged into this one as soon as it is stable!

A self-hosting simple UNIX compatible operating system written from scratch and easy to modify. It is a modular hybrid kernel designed to provide simplicity without giving up performance.

Current Stats

Current Codebase Statistics


  • Multithreading
  • SMP
  • x86_64 (Ports to ARM coming soon!)
  • IPv4
  • UDP
  • AHCI drives (SATA)
  • ATA drives
  • Ext2 Filesystem
  • Self hosting
  • Many ported programs (bash, gcc, etc)


In order to build the system, you'll need the SeaOS toolchain builder and userspace builder, which can be found at Sea repo.

Special Thanks