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This update v1.4.9-1 is to correct the difficulty for faster change. A new difficulty bound divisor has been set and will take effect at Block 39000. It is mandatory for everyone to update to this latest version otherwise after block 39000 you will be left behind with no connections or get forked on a wrong chain.

IMPORTANT: RPC Port has been changed back to 7565

Available Wallets (DbixWall) for this version:

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Gdbix v1.4.9 Initial.
Wallets available for;
-Mac OSX wallet will be available on the next release or soon)
*Note: Wallet based on EtherWall

DBIXWALL - ERROR: "gdbix could not be found" FIX


When first launching DbixWall (dbixwall.exe) and you encounter an error (gdbix could not be found),
here is a solution.

1- Please go to "Settings" tab, then click on the subtab "Advanced" and then click on
the Browse button to locate gdbix.exe in DbixWall-WinGUI Folder.

2- Close DbixWall and relaunch it again. Thats it!