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Added a doc section on writing tests.

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@@ -83,6 +83,30 @@ you simply use the `rescue_from` method inside your API declaration:
rescue_from ArgumentError, NotImplementedError # :all for all errors
+## Writing Tests
+You can test a Grape API with RSpec. Tests make HTTP requests, therefore they must go into the `spec/request` group. You may want your API code to go into `app/api` - you can match that layout under `spec` by adding the following in `spec/spec_helper.rb`.
+ RSpec.configure do |config|
+ config.include RSpec::Rails::RequestExampleGroup, :type => :request, :example_group => {
+ :file_path => /spec\/api/
+ }
+ end
+A simple RSpec API test makes a `get` request and parses the response.
+ require 'spec_helper'
+ describe Twitter::API do
+ describe "GET /api/v1/statuses" do
+ it "returns an empty array of statuses" do
+ get "/api/v1/statuses"
+ response.status.should == 200
+ JSON.parse(response.body).should == []
+ end
+ end
+ end
## Note on Patches/Pull Requests
* Fork the project.

3 comments on commit 99bf4b4

Josh N. Abbott

How would this work using Cucumber??

John Kamuchau

How about POST to grape


You can get some examples from the original Grape gem's source files.

Such as:
post "/data", '{"x":42}', { 'CONTENT_TYPE' => 'application/json' }
last_response.status.should == 201
last_response.body.should == '{"x":42}'

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