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Mongoid extension that enables infinite scrolling with MongoDB.
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Mongoid::Scroll Build Status

Mongoid extension that enable infinite scrolling.

The Problem

Traditional pagination does not work when data changes between paginated requests, which makes it unsuitable for infinite scroll behaviors.

  • If a record is inserted before the current page limit, the collection will shift to the right, and the returned result will include a duplicate from a previous page.
  • If a record is removed before the current page limit, the collection will shift to the left, and the returned result will be missing a record.

The solution implemented by the scroll extension paginates data using a cursor, giving you the ability to restart pagination where you left it off. This is a non-trivial problem when combined with sorting over non-unique record fields, such as timestamps.


Add mongoid-scroll to Gemfile.

gem 'mongoid-scroll'

A sample model.

module Feed
  class Item
    include Mongoid::Document
    field :content, type: String
    field :created_at, type: DateTime

Scroll and save a cursor to the last item.

saved_cursor = nil
Feed::Item.desc(:created_at).limit(5).scroll do |record, next_cursor|
  # each record, one-by-one
  saved_cursor = next_cursor

Resume iterating using the previously saved cursor.

Feed::Item.desc(:created_at).limit(5).scroll(saved_cursor) do |record, next_cursor|
  # each record, one-by-one
  saved_cursor = next_cursor

The iteration finishes when no more records are available. You can also finish iterating over the remaining records by omitting the query limit.

Feed::Item.desc(:created_at).scroll(saved_cursor) do |record, next_cursor|
  # each record, one-by-one


You can use Mongoid::Scroll::Cursor.from_record to generate a cursor. This can be useful when you just want to return a collection of results and the cursor pointing to after the last item.

record = Feed::Item.desc(:created_at).limit(3).last
cursor = Mongoid::Scroll::Cursor.from_record(record, { field: Feed::Item.fields["created_at"] })
# cursor or cursor.to_s can be returned to a client and passed into .scroll(cursor)

Note that unlike MongoDB cursors, Mongoid::Scroll::Cursor values don't expire.


Fork the project. Make your feature addition or bug fix with tests. Send a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.

Copyright and License

MIT License, see LICENSE for details.

(c) 2013 Daniel Doubrovkine, based on code by Frank Macreery, Artsy Inc.

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