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Added MSBuildCommunityTasksPath msbuild property to allow building without requiring the MSBuild Community Tasks to be installed
Added WinDDK 7600.16385.1, and importing msi.props in projects to set up additional include and library directories to allow building without Visual Studio 2010 to be installed
Updated atlbase.h to fix warning LNK4254: section 'ATL' (50000040) merged into '.rdata' (40000040) with different attributes
Added doxygen 1.8.5 to allow building without requiring doxygen to be installed
Using "localhost" for the DSN ODBC SQL Server address and explicitly specifying the default port number to support accessing a named instance from the default port without specifying the instance name
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Community MSI Extensions


We take our custom actions seriously.

AppSecInc. Community MSI Extensions is a collection of MSI custom actions and WIX extensions that extend Windows installer, originally developped by Application Security Inc. for a large Enterprise product, and open-sourced in 2009. The project grew and continues growing incrementally implementing everything that wix didn't have out of the box. All custom actions and extensions are fully unit-tested.



Wix Extensions

  • System Tools: deals with copying, moving, deleting files out of sequence, compare versions, execute commands, process template files, copy registry keys, etc.
  • Java Tools: deals with jar and unjar.
  • Data Sources: deals with generic ODBC and specific MSAccess and MSSQL databases, SQL files, etc. See this post for a primer.
  • User Privileges: deals with local users and groups.
  • Common UI Wix Extension: dialogs for installing Windows services and databases with credentials.

Immediate Custom Actions

  • Manipulating files, folders, registry, services.
  • String template and regex processing.
  • Active Directory functions.
  • ODBC and DMO functions.
  • Local users, groups, security and privileges.
  • Encryption, decryption, signing.
  • Xml file manipulation.
  • TcpIp functions.

Additional Features

  • Supports impersonation in all custom actions.

License and Copyright

Copyright (c) Application Security Inc. and Contributors. This project is licensed under the Eclipse Public License.