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rspec-rerun reruns failed RSpec examples (for brittle tests).

It writes failed examples to the file rspec.failures and feeds these back to RSpec via -e.


(For RSpec 2 use version '~> 0.3.1'. )

# Gemfile
group :development, :test do
  gem 'rspec-rerun'
# Rakefile
require 'rspec-rerun/tasks'
task default: 'rspec-rerun:spec'
echo rspec.failures >> .gitignore

Run rake or rake rspec-rerun:spec. Failed examples will be rerun automatically.


The rspec-rerun:spec task accepts the following parameters:

  • retry_count: number of retries, defaults to 1

e.g. rake rspec-rerun:spec[3]. ZSH users will want to try noglob or quote around the task name: rake 'rspec-rerun:spec[3]'.

You can set the following global environment variables:

  • RSPEC_RERUN_RETRY_COUNT: number of retries, defaults to the value of retry_count or 1
  • RSPEC_RERUN_PATTERN: spec file pattern, defaults to the value defined by RSpec::Core::RakeTask
  • RSPEC_RERUN_TAG: only execute the tag specified
  • RSPEC_RERUN_VERBOSE: if 'false', don't show the rspec command invoked by Rake


Rerunning failed specs has been a long requested feature #456 in RSpec. A viable approach was suggested in #596. The infrastructure from that pull request was merged and released with rspec-core 2.11, which enabled re-running specs outside of RSpec, as described in our blog post. This gem has evolved from it.



Copyright and License

MIT License, see LICENSE for details.

(c) 2012-2015 Artsy Inc., Daniel Doubrovkine and Contributors