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Contributing to Strava-Ruby-Client

This project is work of many contributors.

You're encouraged to submit pull requests, propose features and discuss issues.

In the examples below, substitute your Github username for contributor in URLs.

Fork the Project

Fork the project on Github and check out your copy.

git clone
cd strava-ruby-client
git remote add upstream

Bundle Install and Test

Ensure that you can build the project and run tests.

bundle install
bundle exec rake

Contribute Code

Create a Topic Branch

Make sure your fork is up-to-date and create a topic branch for your feature or bug fix.

git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git checkout -b my-feature-branch

Write Tests

Try to write a test that reproduces the problem you're trying to fix or describes a feature that you want to build. Add tests to spec.

We definitely appreciate pull requests that highlight or reproduce a problem, even without a fix.

Write Code

Implement your feature or bug fix.

Ruby style is enforced with Rubocop. Run bundle exec rubocop and fix any style issues highlighted, auto-correct issues when possible with bundle exec rubocop -a. To silence generally ingored issues, including line lengths or code complexity metrics, run bundle exec rubocop --auto-gen-config.

Make sure that bundle exec rake completes without errors.

Write Documentation

Document any external behavior in the README.

Update Changelog

Add a line to CHANGELOG under Next Release. Don't remove Your contribution here.

Make it look like every other line, including a link to the issue being fixed, your name and link to your Github account.

Commit Changes

Make sure git knows your name and email address:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global ""

Writing good commit logs is important. A commit log should describe what changed and why.

git add ...
git commit


git push origin my-feature-branch

Make a Pull Request

Go to and select your feature branch. Click the 'Pull Request' button and fill out the form. Pull requests are usually reviewed within a few days.

Update CHANGELOG Again

Update the CHANGELOG with the pull request number. A typical entry looks as follows.

* [#123]( Reticulated splines - [@contributor](

Amend your previous commit and force push the changes.

git commit --amend
git push origin my-feature-branch -f


If you've been working on a change for a while, rebase with upstream/master.

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
git push origin my-feature-branch -f

Check on Your Pull Request

Go back to your pull request after a few minutes and see whether it passed muster with Travis-CI. Everything should look green, otherwise fix issues and amend your commit as described above.

Be Patient

It's likely that your change will not be merged and that the nitpicky maintainers will ask you to do more, or fix seemingly benign problems. Hang on there!

Thank You

Please do know that we really appreciate and value your time and work. We love you, really.