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Next Release

First release off Github.

1.4 (6/21/2011)


  • #8559: Added impersonation support on the Servlet security filter.
  • #9353: Allow customization of GrantedAuthority string in Spring Security filter and authentication manager.
  • #8493: Intermediate security contexts of unfinished Negotiate protocol instances expire after ten seconds.
  • #9854: Added support for query strings with multiple parameters to MixedAuthenticator.
  • #243081: Filter providers and protocols specified in configuration can be separated by any type of space.


  • #11052: Upgraded thirdparty JNA to 3.3.0.
  • #11053: Upgraded thirdparty WIX to 3.5.
  • #9552: Upgraded thirdparty Tomcat to 6.0.29.
  • #8493: Using Guava (Google collections), which requires a new guava-r07.jar in deployment of Java filters and applications.
  • #9456: Added Serializable to waffle.jaas.RolePrincipal, UserPrincipal, waffle.servlet.WindowsPrincipal and
  • #9657: Added authProvider option to the NegotiateSecurityFilter filter options.
  • #9895: Upgraded Jacob to 1.15M4 and JacobGen to 0.10.
  • #10031: Removed null initialize and added targetName to the remaining initialize interface method.


  • #9274: Guest WindowsIdentity leaks a handle when guest login disabled.
  • #224546: Unable to deploy other Spring-security providers alongside Waffle. Spring Security Filter will now fall through to the remaining filter chain for unsupported security protocols.
  • #8965: Anonymous login is not correctly recognized as guest on Windows 7.
  • #229310: NegotiateRequestWrapper.isUserInRole(SID) broken. Specifying roleFormat as both and calling isUserInRole with a SID value always incorrectly returns false.
  • #9615: waffle-form, waffle-mixed and waffle-form samples fail with 404 instead of 401; html files not packaged in the distribution.
  • #9889: WindowsComputerImpl sometimes returned wrong number of groups.
  • #9552: NegotiateSecurityFilterProvider leaks a handle with new logons.

1.3 (7/21/2010)


  • Ported Waffle to native Java with JNA 3.2.7, added waffle-jna.jar.
  • Added a Negotiate (NTLM and Kerberos) Tomcat authenticator, waffle.apache.NegotiateAuthenticator in waffle-jna.jar.
  • Added a JAAS Windows Login module, waffle.jaas.WindowsLoginModule in waffle-jna.jar.
  • Added a Mixed (Negotiate and Form-Based) Tomcat security authenticator, waffle.apache.MixedAuthenticator in waffle-jna.jar.
  • Added a Negotiate (NTLM and Kerberos) and Basic Servlet security filter, waffle.servlet.NegotiateSecurityFilter in waffle-jna.jar. Works with any servlet container, including Tomcat, Jetty and Websphere.
  • Added a Spring-Security Negotiate (NTLM and Kerberos) and Basic Filter, waffle.spring.NegotiateSecurityFilter in waffle-jna.jar.
  • Added a Spring-Security Authentication Manager, waffle.spring.WindowsAuthenticationManager in waffle-jna.jar.
  • Added IWindowsIdentity.IsGuest.


  • Project upgraded to Visual Studio 2008.

1.2 (3/1/2010)

Initial open-source release under the Eclipse Public License.

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