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A collection of tools to manipulate and generate SMT-LIB 2.x problem instances. There are four main tools:

  • stringfuzzg to generate new instances
  • stringfuzzx to transform existing instances
  • stringstats to measure properties of instances
  • stringmerge to merge several instances into one


Clone this repository, and run this command inside it:

python3 install


Without installing, the scripts can be run from the repository root as follows:

./bin/stringfuzzg --help
./bin/stringfuzzx --help
./bin/stringstats --help

If installed, they can be run from anywhere as follows:

stringfuzzg --help
stringfuzzx --help
stringstats --help


To create a problem with concats nested 100 levels deep:

./bin/stringfuzzg concats --depth 100

To create the above problem and replace all characters with unprintable ones:

./bin/stringfuzzg concats --depth 100 | ./bin/stringfuzzx unprintable

To create and immediately feed a problem to Z3str3:

./bin/stringfuzzg concats --depth 100 | z3str3 -in