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A change management system for databases based on Liquibase
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A change management system for databases based on Liquibase

This fork of the Liquibase source aims to:

  • Improve the integration tests
  • Improve code documentation and maintainability
  • Support more Oracle Database features
  • Support different connections for changesets (e.g. use an administrative connection for creating tablespaces and a "regular" connection for normal schema updates)
  • Modernise the code to use JDK 8 features.
  • Internationalise the messages

For a current list of changes, fixes and improvements, please see:

Current status summary

Last updated: December 30th, 2017

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FORK, IN GENERAL, SHOULD BE CONSIDERED UNSTABLE FOR THE MOMENT. A lot of work is currently being done to get all integration tests (OSS + commercial RDBMSs) green; manual testing of features like CDI, RPM/Debian packaging, Spring integration etc. comes after that.

Database support:

Full support (DBMS-specific integration tests green, Software should be usable for everyday tasks):

  • Apache Derby (tested:
  • H2 database (tested: 1.4.195)
  • HyperSQL (hsqldb) (tested: 2.4.0)
  • IBM DB2 LUW Express (tested: 10.6)
  • MariaDB (tested: 10.2.6, with InnoDB)
  • MySQL (tested: 5.7.18, with InnoDB)
  • Oracle Database (tested: and
  • PostgreSQL (tested: 9.6)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) (tested: 2016, 2017, Express & Developer Editions)

Somewhat working (work in progress):

  • Firebird (a problem in snapshotting causes duplicate indexes to be generated to FOREIGN KEY constraints). Regular change sets (forward migration) seems to work fine. as deferrable, which is a functionality not present in MySQL/MariaDB AFAIK).
  • SAP SQL Anywhere 17 (formerly known as Sybase AS Anywhere)
    • Basic functionality is working
    • Currently failing tests:
      • runUpdateOnOldChangelogTableFormat (should not affect new users)
      • Change logs working on more than one schema simultaneously
  • SQLite: Generally working except for operations that would be possible with ALTER TABLE on other RDBMS (see for details)

Unstable multiple integration tests to fail

  • IBM Informix (work started, but several SQL generators are broken; needs considerable work to get it back again) Currently completely broken due to a regression involving catalog and schema names

Untested / Work has not started yet:

  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) (formely known as Sybase Adaptive Server)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (in case-sensitive mode)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (via JTDS driver)
  • Determine the oldest supported versions of the RDBMSs, procure them, and test compatibility

Functionally beyond regular changesets:

  • Snapshotting can only retrieve attributes that are present in most RDBMS (e.g. names of columns, PKs etc.) Attributes that are specific to a RDBMS (like storage attributes for segments in Oracle) cannot be snapshotted currently.
  • RPM packaging works, there is a small bug if non-release-version directories are used
  • Debian packaging could work (DEBs get generated), but need to set up a Debian box to test it
  • Documentation, website: Not yet updated / reviewed.

Currently untested functionality:

  • CDI
  • Database documentation generation (DbDoc - though automated tests seem to work)
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