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This text file is mainly a lookup help for DB-Manul developers to quickly check if a certain upstream pull request
has already been merged into DB-Manul.
There is no automatic sorting mechanism for this file. Please keep it tidy and sorted descending by Liquibase pull
request number (pr#) to maximise its usefulness. Thank you.
[pr#] | [merge status] [description]
(2nd line): [if not going to be merged: reason]
730 MERGED Fix includeAll on WebSphere and Weblogic
729 (TODO) (is from a private repository, need to merge it manually)
728 MERGED [MSSQL] With additional logic: Prevent using a defaultSchemaName that is different from the
login default schema since MSSQL does not support setting it on a session level basis.
727 (missing)
726 REJECTED [CORE-3140] PR is only usuable with MSSQL 2005 (too old to support it properly, sorry)
725 TODO (need to understand the class loader mechnism better to understand the change)
724 MERGED [CORE-3138]: correct AddAutoIncrement for SQLAnywhere
723 MERGED [CORE-1225]: add --databaseChangeLogTablespaceName as command line option
722 (missing)
721 MERGED [CORE-3115]: Added trim() in the
720-687 TODO
686 MERGED Prevent liquibase.exception.DatabaseException
685 MERGED [CORE-3079] Make includeObjects and excludeObjects affect which objects are snapshotted
684 MERGED [CORE-3076] HsqlDB: add SUM to keywords
683 (TODO) Adds support for Actian Ingres RDBMS - need to clarify license, create integration tests etc.
before I can fully merge it.
682 MERGED [CORE-3040] - onlyUpdate="true" flag generates empty statements for MySQL DB
681 N/A Support for Actian Ingress RDBMS - work probably already included in #683.
678 MERGED Add SchemesCDIConfig+ (it should allow you to create a dependent tree…
677 MERGED Fix json serialize fail on changeset precondition enums
676 N/A [CORE-3063] integration tests that cannot connect should be Ignored not Passed
-> Already fixed in DB-Manul
675 MERGED [CORE-3063] run integration tests in travis-ci for Pull Requests
674 MERGED Fix path handling for ClassLoaderResourceAccessor
673 MERGED [CORE-3055] SQLAnywhere: supports Sequences
672 MERGED [CORE-3054] SQLAnywhere: java-coredump on changeSet-SQL
671 N/A [CORE-3051] ASANY supports no CASCADE in DROP TABLE
-> Already fixed in DB-Manul
670 MERGED [CORE-3050] Do not build string to check StringBuilder is empty
669 (TODO) Sets class name in CustomWrapper classes must be normalized.
(upstream unit tests fail with this and my expertise has not advanced enough to
understand / fix it myself)
668 MERGED Bug fix for null pointer
667 MERGED Adding logic to persist full hierarchy of context expressions into databasechangelog table
666 MERGED refactoring: extract methods, decrease level on indention
665 (TODO) SAP/Sybase ASE: Liquibase change
Failed to merge, the code base is too far off mine. Asked the original author if he is interested
in rebasing it.
664 MERGED [CORE-3013] replaces "error in yaml" with "error in file <FILENAME>"
663 MERGED [CORE-3014] validation error on empty column name in CreateIndexChange
662 MERGED [CORE-3022] Derby Database loads driver from wrong classloader on close
661 MERGED [CORE-3020] No warning when included file doesn't exist
660 (TODO) [CORE-3010] MySQL Add Default Value failed
In general, ALTER TABLE ... ALTER COLUMN ... SET DEFAULT works in MySQL/MariaDB - maybe
the problem only happens with certain expressions for defaultValue?
659 MERGED [CORE-3009] ASANY Drop Default Value failed
658 GONE
657 GONE
656 MERGED [CORE-2993] createSequence with order enabled for DB2
655 MERGED [CORE-2773] Detection of DB2/AS400 improved
654 REJECTED Mark failed changeset executions in the databasechangelog
The behaviour changes so that the same change set is not executed again until the identifier
changes - I don't think that's a good thing, it makes bugfixing of changesets inconvenient
for developers
653 N/A [CORE-3003] SQLAnywhere: Owner/Schema-Identifier at index-names not allowed
-> already fixed in DB-Manul
652 N/A [CORE-3002] SQLAnywhere: DROP UNIQUE CONSTRAINT fails
-> already fixed in DB-Manul
651 N/A Does not apply to DB-Manul because dropAllForeignKeys has been completely rewritten and no
DBMS-specific generators exist for that anymore.
650 MERGED [CORE-3000] BatchInsertExecutablePreparedStatement merged, but with modifications to make it
work with all JDBC drivers that support batching, not just Oracle DB.
649 MERGED Corrected documentation errors in
648 MERGED [CORE-1852] checksum depends on line endings and startCommentSymbol
647 MERGED [CORE-3005] Consideration of DB2 system views
646 N/A [CORE-3006] probably already fixed in DB-Manul by another fix; needs verification
645 GONE
644 N/A [CORE-2978] Broken PostgreSQL AddAutoIncrementChange SQL code generation
(likely already fixed by another checkin)
643 GONE
642 MERGED [CORE-2977] Use the same name as Postgres for primary key constraints
641 GONE
640 N/A Could not reproduce the problem with the current DB-Manul codebase. Added an integration test
for it (commit #f6e83948c9f235ac45d30e9dd8cc4c9f75de70a3). It may be that I misunderstood the
problem description - please contact me if that is the case.
639 GONE
638 GONE
637 N/A already implemented in DB-Manul
636 N/A already implemented in DB-Manul
635 GONE
634 MERGED [CORE-2989]: Custom change: configure change before calling getConfirmationMessage
633 (TODO) [CORE-2965] allow any additional attributes for the change elements in … #633
proposal looks good, but I am a little worried about
<xsd:anyAttribute namespace="##any"/> - before I merge it, I need to confirm that ##any does
not cause invalid attribute names from the changeset-3.6.xsd to pass as valid. Maybe
<xsd:anyAttribute namespace="##other"/> would serve the same purpose? Need to investigate.
632 REJECTED [CORE-2162] MSSQL: Multiple inserts in sqlFile do not fail as expected.
The problem here is that multiple DML commands should never go into a single
java.sql.Statement.execute call. Therefore, I think that [CORE-2162] is not a valid bug.
631 MERGED Fix for "Different object quoting strategies are used for validation and execution of a
630 TODO Trigger an exception on a RAISERROR - the idea looks good, but I still fail to find a test
case where a single executed statement returns multiple result sets. I need that to make a
test case to protect against regression.
629 MERGED [CORE-2944] Honor `outputDefaultSchema=false` and `outputDefaultCatalog=false` when generating
SQL code.
628 MERGED Fix for whitespace before delimiter
627 GONE
626 MERGED Postgres does not support parameters for type int
625 TODO --do-not-warn-about--DBA_RECYCLEBIN the idea is legitimate, but I would rather have it
implemented as a proper command line option (in the classes Main and CommandLineUtils, so that
it can be used from Maven/Ant/etc. as well). I also found the queries where the recycle bin is
used, maybe I can work around the need to access to it.
624 DUPLICATE Don't hardcode version dependencies using 'Class-Path:' in MANIFEST.MF - 4.0.x (I could not
find a Liquibase 4.x.x branch that is more current than the master branch, so I use the 3.5.x
version of the same PR:
623 MERGED Don't hardcode version dependencies using 'Class-Path:' in MANIFEST.MF - 3.5.x
622 DUPLICATE Another version of #623 (already merged)
621 MERGED Fix some required fields in the preconditions
620 N/A Made ChangeWithColumns extend Change so that an extension would have …
It seems the original author did not want to merge that change any more (from what he wrote
in his comments), but did not delete the PR. Skipping it for now.
619 MERGED Avoid null pointer exception on snapshot action
618 MERGED Fix the escaping of object name on the MS SQL
596 DUPLICATE of pr #655