Alternative “installation” steps #2

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There’s a way to change the icon permanently without overwriting the existing file:


dbmzzo commented Jan 29, 2012

Good point, thanks for the info! I'll write up some steps soon and update the readme.

Awesome, it's really annoying when using the dev release that the icon gets overwritten by the ugly default every time there's an update! This is gold, thanks!

I tried this and it made my default icon a broken image.
The only way to replace it is to open the App 'contents' and remove the hidden file named Icon
in terminal:
rm /Applications/Sublime\ Text\

@ryantology the broken image thing happens if you don't do it properly... you gotta open the .icns in preview, select the entire thing and copy it. Once its copied (test it in an image editor maybe) all you gotta do is click the icon in the top left and paste, works like a charm!

You could also update the installation instructions with a simple curl invocation:

curl -L "" -o "/Applications/Sublime Text Text 2.icns"
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