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Ticket Auction Manager

Ticket Auction Manager (Or 'TAM' for short) is a Microsoft Access database template that I (Dilan Gilluly) created for SPCA Serving Allegany County's annual Theme Basket Auction.

Created for events commonly called 'chinese auctions' where people buy tickets, then deposit them into containers representing each item which is in the auction, later on volunteers shuffle and draw the tickets in each item's container to declare a winner.

I release TAM for free as I figure the people who will download and use it will be doing so for non-profit fundraisers or benefits.

Using TAM

TAM is pretty straightforward that most people will be able to download the standalone version and use it, as the data stays local to that computer. It's when setting up the connected version (which allows multiple users/computers to enter data simultaneously) that things get complicated. I'd recommend getting someone technologically savvy to set it up (tables will have to be converted to linked tables, using an ODBC Data Source Name).

For turn-key use

If you don't care about customizing or branding Ticket Auction Manager for your own use you or you don't have access to a version of Microsoft Office ProPlus (the following works with Microsoft's Access Runtime too, which is free) can download the binary files of it from the latest release on this page.

If you want to see requirements and prerequisite download links, check here.

New: Videos on how to use TAM