A list of software that turns your database into a REST/GraphQL API
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Mention SQL infiles.


The following is a list of open source tools that automatically expose a REST, GraphQL, or another kind of API for your database.

Project name/link Database(s) supported API type Implementation language License GitHub stats Notes
ArangoDB ArangoDB REST C++ Apache 2.0 4879 ★; 41687 commits, latest 2018-01-09 A database with a built-in REST API. Official Docker image.
CouchDB CouchDB REST Erlang Apache 2.0 3396 ★; 10951 commits, latest 2018-01-09 A database with a built-in REST API. Official Docker image.
Datasette SQLite 3 REST Python 3 Apache 2.0 1133 ★; 255 commits, latest 2018-01-10 Read-only. Official Docker image.
DreamFactory MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, CouchDB, and others. REST PHP 5 Apache 2.0, proprietary (optional extras) 750 ★; 785 commits, latest 2018-01-02 Official Docker image.
Eve MongoDB; extensions for Elasticsearch, Neo4j, SQLAlchemy (SQL databases). REST Python 2/3 BSD (three-clause) 4674 ★; 2706 commits, latest 2017-12-06 The SQLAlchemy extension isn't automatic. It requires the user to write SQLAlchemy mappings.
HTSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite (free); Oracle, MS SQL (proprietary) REST Python 2 GNU AGPLv3, proprietary (Oracle and MS SQL support) n/a
neo4j-graphql Neo4j GraphQL Kotlin Apache 2.0 155 ★; 108 commits, latest 2017-09-23 Can generate a GraphQL API from an existing database or derive a new database model from a GraphQL schema and auto-generate the resolvers.
PHP-CRUD-API MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server 2012. Limited support for SQLite 3. REST PHP 5 MIT 1256 ★; 1004 commits, latest 2017-11-19
PostGraphQL PostgreSQL GraphQL TypeScript (Node.js) MIT 4723 ★; 666 commits, latest 2017-12-25 Official Docker image.
PostgREST PostgreSQL REST Haskell MIT 10179 ★; 1358 commits, latest 2017-12-20 Official Docker image.
pREST PostgreSQL REST Go MIT 1593 ★; 403 commits, latest 2018-01-10 Official Docker image.
RESTHeart MongoDB REST Java GNU AGPLv3 419 ★; 1333 commits, latest 2017-12-17 Official Docker image.
sandman2 All supported by SQLAlchemy (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MS SQL, and others). REST Python 2/3 Apache 2.0 678 ★; 129 commits, latest 2017-03-06
tuql SQLite 3 or SQL infile GraphQL JavaScript (Node.js) MIT 218 ★; 47 commits, latest 2018-01-10
xmysql MySQL REST JavaScript (Node.js) MIT 1717 ★; 209 commits, latest 2018-01-06 Official Docker image.
ZenQuery PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM Db2, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and others REST Java (JavaScript for the front-end) Apache 2.0 30 ★; 282 commits, latest 2017-01-31 Read-only.

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Related projects

For projects that depend on or enhance those on the list see the Related projects wiki page. Feel free to add yours.


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