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A lightweight flat-file blog engine and CMS written in PHP 5
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Drukkar is a small blogging software program and CMS made to work with limited server resources and limited bandwidth. It was developed with the following in mind:

  • minimum page overhead; the content should account for most of your web traffic (this saves you bandwidth and enables access to your blog over slow connections like GPRS and Tor)
  • working without a database (with a little fiddling it can be installed in public_html on that university server account you have)
  • ease of releasing files with your posts (useful for government organizations with their PDF forms [1] or game dev blogs)

The posts can be written in HTML, Markdown or plain text and are stored as XML files one post per file. caching. Drukkar is self-contained and only depends on PHP 5 on your server. It has built-in caching. Pick up the documentation and see it in action at

The project is hosted at (code) and

[1] It was developed for one.

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