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Convert between TOML, YAML and JSON. When installed provides the command line commands toml2yaml, toml2json, yaml2toml, yaml2json. json2toml and json2yaml for format conversion as well as toml2toml, yaml2yaml and json2json for reformatting and error detection.


You will need Python 2.7 or Python 3.3 or later.

You can install the latest release from PyPI using pip.

python3 -m pip install remarshal

Alternatively, clone the master branch to install the development version.

git clone
cd remarshal
python3 install --user


usage: [-h] [-i INPUT] [-o OUTPUT] -if {json,toml,yaml} -of
                    {json,toml,yaml} [--indent-json]
                    [--yaml-style {,',",|,>}] [--wrap WRAP]
                    [--unwrap UNWRAP]
usage: {json,toml,yaml}2toml [-h] [-i INPUT] [-o OUTPUT] [--wrap WRAP]
       [--unwrap UNWRAP] [inputfile]
usage: {json,toml,yaml}2yaml [-h] [-i INPUT] [-o OUTPUT]
       [--yaml-style {,',",|,>}] [-wrap WRAP] [--unwrap UNWRAP]
usage: {json,toml,yaml}2json [-h] [-i INPUT] [-o OUTPUT] [--indent-json]
       [-wrap WRAP] [-unwrap UNWRAP] [inputfile]

All of the commands above exit with status 0 on success and 1 on failure.

If no inputfile or -i INPUT is given or it is - or a blank string the data to convert is read from standard input. If no -o OUTPUT is given or it is - or a blank string the result of the conversion is written to standard output.

For the short commands (x2y) the flag -i before inputfile can be omitted if inputfile is the last argument.


The flags --wrap and --unwrap are there to solve the problem of converting JSON and YAML data to TOML if the topmost element of that data is not of a dictionary type (i.e., not an object in JSON or an associative array in YAML) but a list, a string or a number. Such data can not be represented as TOML directly; it needs to wrapped in a dictionary first. Passing the flag --wrap someKey to remarshal or one of its short commands wraps the input data in a "wrapper" dictionary with one key, "someKey", with the input data as its value. The flag --unwrap someKey does the opposite: if it is specified only the value stored under the key "someKey" in the top-level dictionary element of the input data is converted to the target format and output; all other data is skipped. If the top-level element is not a dictionary or does not have the key someKey then --unwrap someKey returns an error.

The following shell transcript demonstrates the problem and how --wrap and --unwrap solve it:

$ echo '[{"a":"b"},{"c":[1,2,3]}]' | ./ -if json -of toml
Error: cannot convert non-dictionary data to TOML; use "wrap" to wrap it in a dictionary

$ echo '[{"a":"b"},{"c":[1,2,3]}]' | \
./ -if json -of toml --wrap main
a = "b"

c = [1, 2, 3]

$ echo '[{"a":"b"},{"c":[1,2,3]}]' | \
./ -if json -of toml --wrap main > test.toml

$ ./ -if toml -of json < test.toml

$ ./ -if toml -of json --unwrap main < test.toml


$ ./ -i example.toml -if toml -of yaml
  - - gamma
    - delta
  - - 1
    - 2
  - alpha
  - omega
  connection_max: 5000
  enabled: true
  - 8001
  - 8001
  - 8002
  bio: 'GitHub Cofounder & CEO

    Likes tater tots and beer.'
  dob: 1979-05-27 07:32:00+00:00
  name: Tom Preston-Werner
  organization: GitHub
- name: Hammer
  sku: 738594937
- color: gray
  name: Nail
  sku: 284758393
    dc: eqdc10
    country: 中国
    dc: eqdc10
title: TOML Example

$ curl -s\?q\=Kiev,ua | \
./ -if json -of toml
base = "cmc stations"
cod = 200
dt = 1412532000
id = 703448
name = "Kiev"

all = 44

lat = 50.42999999999999972
lon = 30.51999999999999957

humidity = 66
pressure = 1026
temp = 283.49000000000000909
temp_max = 284.14999999999997726
temp_min = 283.14999999999997726

country = "UA"
id = 7358
message = 0.24370000000000000
sunrise = 1412481902
sunset = 1412522846
type = 1

description = "scattered clouds"
icon = "03n"
id = 802
main = "Clouds"

deg = 80
speed = 2


MIT. See the file LICENSE.

example.toml from example.yaml and example.json are derived from it.