An emulator to the didactic computers found on Weber, Raul Fernando; Fundamentos de Arquitetura de Computadores; 2000.
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How to compile
=== == =======

Just type "make" in the directory extracted.

changelogs (noweberdb)


    Basically, noweberdb-0.1 is a neanderdb-0.3.2 with the changes below.

o bug fixes in print() function of debugger.c

o hex support only

    Now, all information an user interact is a hex number, expect that "print"
  command shows decimal information too, just as hex and bin. Since an user or
  developer rarely interact with decimal numbers programming a computer at low
  level, I thought it is useless to noweberdb do so.


changelogs (OLD (!) information related to neanderdb)


o bug fix

    It was crashing if command line was empty (just an '\n' stop the program)

o changed some structures in neander.c


    Little modification to make things the right way, not to just work.

o abbreviated commands are now supported

    For example, to print the contens of AC (accumulator), you can type a
  single letter command (shorter form) to do the same as the longer form. An

  neanderdb> print ac

  or just the shorter form

  neanderdb> p ac

o now it's using the tokenizer available with libedit

    Using the tokenizer functions of this library make the code easy to read,
  it's more flexible and eliminates a warning gcc 3.3.3 was giving in the
  previous release.


    I'm not following up to strictly the list of expected changes and I don't 
  know why I wrote in the previous README since I never implement the feature
  in the respective release. But for sure it will be there until version 1.0.

o neanderdb now supports command line arguments

    Now it's even faster the speed an user can interact with debugger. As an
  example, to modify AC (accumulator), just type in console:

  neanderdb> edit ac 7

  This will put the value 7 in accumulator.

  Some more details can be found typing "help" in console.

o a lot of bug fixes

    Most of bug fixes are regarding the memory limits and user interaction with
  console. Some clean up in the code, too.

o changed "show" command to "print", equal to gdb

o changed Neander information message

o (some english errors of this file corrected)


o neanderdb now supports libedit

    This feature wasn't expected, but I thought this was essencial to enhance
  the speed an user interact with debugger. Since I had a lot of work to put
  this up, I've made a release before reach all the features I wanted for 0.2.

    Now it's possible to use the commands normally found in emacs mode to edit
  a command, like Ctrl-a ou Home to go to the beginning of the line, Ctrl-e to
  go to the end of the line, Ctrl-l to clear the screen, Alt-f move forward a 
  word, Alt-b move backward a word, etc. Just to name a few. Also, history
  functions was added to make it easier to retrieve commands already typed.

o "clean" target was added to Makefile, simple

o few changes (not bug fixes) to make things "right"


o files were divided in a more organizated approach (but I still think some
  filenames could be changed, maybe in version 0.2)
  o debugger.h do not run the instructions anymore
  o all instructions are under neander.c
  o debugger.c contains main(), since is in debugger where all interaction
    with the emulated computer are made

o Makefile was added to make easy to do modifications in the source code, 
  since the number of files are growing up due to modularization (but need to
  change because this Makefile do not catch changes in .h files)

o flags N and Z (negative and zero) are now working

o removed NetBSD binary from distribution