An email-based Minecraft dungeon generator.
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#mailcraft A Minecraft dungeon generator that uses a user's email conversations to create rooms and hallways.

Uses to fetch email data, and pymclevel to edit Minecraft map files.

The dungeon consists of a straight hallway, leading to a dragon. Along the way are branching hallways, each representing a recent email thread, each consisting of several rooms of stepping puzzles, representing individual emails. At the end of each branching hallway is a treasure room, holding equipment necessary for fighting the dragon.

alt text alt text alt text

##Dependencies The library depends on the python libraries rauth and requests. Pymclevel depends upon the libraries numpy and PyYaml.

##Usage Create an account with (make sure to select 2-legged authentication!), then make a file with your credentials and email:


Run python to generate the dungeon, then copy the DungeonBase directory to your Minecraft save location (~/.minecraft/saves on Linux, %APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves\ on Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/ on Mac), then open the level in Minecraft.