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A new implementation of Powerline for Emacs
Emacs Lisp
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Telephone Line





For more information on how to get those screenshots, check out the examples.


Telephone Line is a new implementation of Powerline for emacs with (optional) baked-in evil support, antialiased separators, and an easy configuration language which makes it trivial to write your own themes. Additionally, I dogfood the hell out of it so bugfixes should come quickly. It’s also named after a song which is what I always look for in software.


The easiest way to install telephone-line is with package.el through MELPA. Once you have the package installed, initializing it is the usual stuff:

(require 'telephone-line)
(telephone-line-mode 1)

Separator Gallery


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-abs-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-abs-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-cubed-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-cubed-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-identity-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-identity-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-sin-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-sin-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-halfsin-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-halfsin-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-cos-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-cos-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-halfcos-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-halfcos-hollow-left.png


./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-tan-left.png ./screenshots/separators/telephone-line-tan-hollow-left.png



There is also a perfectly flat vertical separator, telephone-line-flat, though there’s not much to look at here ;)


First, remember that all configuration must be done before calling (telephone-line-mode 1)

Segments can be added by configuring the telephone-line-lhs and telephone-line-rhs variables. Example configuration demonstrating the format can be found in ./, and available segments are in ./telephone-line-segments.el. You can also make your own!

Separators are chosen by configuring telephone-line-primary-left-separator, telephone-line-primary-right-separator, telephone-line-secondary-left-separator, and telephone-line-secondary-right-separator. Available separators are in ./telephone-line-separators.el. You can also make your own!

You can force the height of the mode-line by setting telephone-line-height.

If you want to further information on configuration or creating your own segments/separators, continue on to ./!

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