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Anki on the desktop (Qt)

Anki for Linux


1. A recent python (2.4 should be fine)
2. libqt4.2+
3. python-qt/pyqt 4.2+
4. sqlalchemy 0.4.1+
5. simplejson 1.7.3+
6: pysqlite2 1.3.0 or python2.5

If your version of Debian/Ubuntu is not new enough, it will include an old
copy of python-qt. You must have at least python-qt 4.2 to run Anki.

For graph generation:

1. python-numpy (numpy)
2. python-matplotlib (matplotlib)

The most recent release of matplotlib is broken. Downgrade for now.

For furigana generation:

1. kakasi

To install:

1. cd; tar xzf ankiqt<...>.tgz
2. cd ankit<...>/libanki
3. sudo python install
4. cd ..; sudo python install
5. anki

For more information and the latest version, please see the website at:
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