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Anki on the desktop (Qt)


Prerequisites for Linux/FreeBSD/etc:

- a recent python (2.4 should be fine)
- python-qt/pyqt 4.4+
- sqlalchemy 0.4.3+
- simplejson 1.7.3+
- pysqlite2 1.3+ or python2.5

For graph generation:

- python-numpy (numpy)
- python-matplotlib (matplotlib)

For audio playing support:

- mplayer

For audio recording support:

- sox 14.1+
- pyaudio
- lame

For importing SuperMemo XML:

- python-beautifulsoup

Running / Installation

To run from the directory you've untarred it to,

$ ./anki

If you want to install it system wide,

$ (cd libanki && sudo python install)
$ sudo python install
$ anki

For more information and the latest version, please see the website at:
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