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dc_scraper_database.sql Post Scraper v0.2.1 Post Scraper is a PHP library that allows you to glean data from and store it in a MySQL database.

Check out for an API that uses data gathered by this library.

Data Gathered

  • Post URL
  • Post Title
  • Post Description
  • Post Publish Date
  • Post Category
  • Category URL
  • First Photo URL


Dan Bough
daniel.bough AT


This software is free to use under the GPL license.



  • Download the latest version of PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser from, which, at the time of this writing, is 1.5. This should be stored in the same location as dc_include.php and dc_post_scraper.php. (If you'd like to store it somewhere else, you will need to change the path at the top of dc_include.php).
  • Add your MySQL database info to dc_include.php.
  • Create a MySQL database (InnoDB) and import the table structure in dc_scraper_database.sql.
  • Run dc_post_scrapper.php (add -d for debug output).


  • You can adjust the number of archive pages scanned by updating the PAGE_DEPTH global variable in dc_include.php. The default is 1, however there are (at the time of this writing) at least 179 pages.
  • The more archive pages you scan at a time, the longer this script will take. There are nearly 6000 posts - it could take a few hours to parse them all. If you don't mind waiting, I'd set the PAGE_DEPTH variable to the max number of pages, run the script, and walk away. After you have them all, change the PAGE_DEPTH to 1 and run the script once per day.
  • It takes approximately 5 minutes to scrape & store 1 archive page worth of posts (36 max).



  • Change the format of the Changelog section of the README file.
  • Fixed a few bugs caused by HTML changes on
  • Added basic debug functionality to dc_post_scraper.php


  • Added code to grab the first photo url of a post. Cleaned up some typo-s.