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You can run DBpedia Spotlight from the comfort of your own machine in one or many of the following ways:

  • Web Service (no installation needed). We offer a WADL service descriptor, so with Eclipse or Netbeans you can automagically create a client to call our Web Service. See: Web Service
  • JAR. We offer a jar with all dependencies included. You can just download it and run from command line. See: Run from a Jar
  • Docker. We offer a dbpedia spotlight docker. See: Run Dbpedia Spotlight from a Docker
  • Maven. Our build is mavenized, which means that you can use the scala plugin to run our classes from command line. See: Build from Source with Maven
We distribute a small amount of data along with source code, so that you can just download and test the tool immediately. However, if you would like to run a complete version of the service, please check the links below. If you would like to run DBpedia Spotlight form an IDE, please see: DBpedia Spotlight can also be used with other datasets, your own text, in custom domains, etc. This will require that you rebuild the models using our Data Generation pipeline.

If you are having problems with the installation, please check our Troubleshooting page.

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