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DBpedia Spotlight's Rel8 shows you DBpedia resources that are distributionally similar to a given seed resource.


DBpedia Spotlight models DBpedia resources based on their distributional similarity. Calling the /related/ endpoint of DBpedia Spotlight will retrieve related tags for the URI passed in the ?uri= parameter

Testing the deployed demo

 curl -H "application/json" ""

Getting the code

Starting the server

 mvn scala:run -DmainClass=""

Using the server

 curl -H "application/json" "http://localhost:2222/related/?uri=Berlin"

How does it work?

Suggestion of related concepts is done via DBpedia's wikiPageLinks and using DBpedia Spotlight's notion of resource relatedness. For each of the URIs you have selected in step 1, we find all concepts linked to them via DBpedia properties. We add to that any other concepts that are "topically similar" according to DBpedia Spotlight. The wikiPageLinks dataset was loaded into a Virtuoso triple store, in order to provide the "expand" functionality.

Known uses

DBpedia Spotlight's Rel8 has been used in the DBpedia Spotlight GSoC Searcher in the 2012 and 2013 editions.

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