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DBpedia Live Mirror

DBpedia-Live continuously generates zipped N-Triples files containing added/deleted triples upon its run. This tool starts downloading those files and updates a local Virtuoso triple store.

VOS Setup

DBpedia Live triple store update happens on different Graphs and we have the following enabled:

  1. contains real time extracted data from Wikipedia
  2. contains external datasets and data that cannot be extracted from Wikipedia but is usefull to have.
  3. contains the up-to-date DBpedia ontology
  4. virtual graph group that contains all the aforementioned graphs

to create graph groups in VOS you can adapt and run this script


In order to execute from source, download the code from the repo git clone

  1. Setup your VOS instance and mirror-live.ini file.
  2. Download and load the latest dump
  3. Copy lastDownloadDate.dat.default' tolastDownloadDate.dat` and adapt the date according to the dump file
  4. run one of the scripts in the bin/ folder
  5. sh bin/ script that applies existing triple patches and waits until new ones get published
  6. sh bin/ Onetime script that applies existing triple patches and exits.
  7. sh bin/ script that keeps the DBpedia ontology up-to-date
  8. sh bin/ Onetime script that updates the DBpedia ontology to the latest version and exists

Jar files are not distributed at the moment but will be on request.


  1. Maven 3
  2. Java 7


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