Relevant papers

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Model Conference/Year Title Paper GitHub Dataset(s)
TransE NIPS 2013 Translating Embeddings for Modeling Multi-relational Data [1,2]
DistMult ICLR 2015 Embedding entities and relations for learning and inference in knowledge bases [1,2]
TransR AAAI 2015 Learning Entity and Relation Embeddings for Knowledge Graph Completion [1,2]
HolE AAAI 2016 Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs [1,2]
CompLex ICML 2016 Complex Embeddings for Simple Link Prediction [1,2]
fastText arXiv 2016 Bag of Tricks for Efficient Text Classification [3]
SSP AAAI 2017 SSP: Semantic Space Projection for Knowledge Graph Embedding with Text Descriptions [1,2]


# Dataset Link
1 FB15k
2 WN18
3 YFCC100M
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