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package org.dbpedia.extraction.mappings
import org.dbpedia.extraction.annotations.ExtractorAnnotation
import org.dbpedia.extraction.config.Config
import org.dbpedia.extraction.config.provenance.DBpediaDatasets
import org.dbpedia.extraction.nif.WikipediaNifExtractor
import org.dbpedia.extraction.ontology.Ontology
import org.dbpedia.extraction.transform.Quad
import org.dbpedia.extraction.util.{Language, MediaWikiConnector}
import org.dbpedia.extraction.wikiparser._
import scala.language.reflectiveCalls
* Extracts page html.
* Based on AbstractExtractor, major difference is the parameter
* apiParametersFormat = "action=parse&prop=text&section=0&format=xml&page=%s"
* This class produces all nif related datasets for the abstract as well as the short-, long-abstracts datasets.
* Where the long abstracts is the nif:isString attribute of the nif instance representing the abstract section of a wikipage.
* We are going to to use this method for generating the abstracts from release 2016-10 onwards.
* It will be expanded to cover the whole wikipage in the future.
@ExtractorAnnotation("nif extractor")
class NifExtractor(
context : {
def ontology : Ontology
def language : Language
def configFile : Config
extends WikiPageExtractor
//API parameters to geht HTML of first section
val apiParametersFormat: String = context.configFile.nifParameters.nifQuery
protected val isTestRun: Boolean = context.configFile.nifParameters.isTestRun
protected val writeLinkAnchors: Boolean = context.configFile.nifParameters.writeLinkAnchor
protected val writeStrings: Boolean = context.configFile.nifParameters.writeAnchor
protected val shortAbstractLength: Int = context.configFile.abstractParameters.shortAbstractMinLength
protected val dbpediaVersion: String = context.configFile.dbPediaVersion
override val datasets = Set(DBpediaDatasets.NifContext,DBpediaDatasets.NifPageStructure,DBpediaDatasets.NifTextLinks,DBpediaDatasets.LongAbstracts, DBpediaDatasets.ShortAbstracts, DBpediaDatasets.RawTables, DBpediaDatasets.Equations)
private val mwConnector = new MediaWikiConnector(context.configFile.mediawikiConnection, context.configFile.nifParameters.nifTags.split(","))
override def extract(pageNode : WikiPage, subjectUri : String): Seq[Quad] =
//Only extract abstracts for pages from the Main namespace
if(pageNode.title.namespace != Namespace.Main) return Seq.empty
//Don't extract abstracts from redirect and disambiguation pages
if(pageNode.isRedirect || pageNode.isDisambiguation) return Seq.empty
//Retrieve page text
val html = mwConnector.retrievePage(pageNode.title, apiParametersFormat, pageNode.isRetry) match{
case Some(t) => NifExtractor.postProcessExtractedHtml(pageNode.title, t)
case None => return Seq.empty
new WikipediaNifExtractor(context, pageNode).extractNif(html)(err => pageNode.addExtractionRecord(err))
object NifExtractor{
//TODO check if this function is still relevant
//copied from AbstractExtractor
def postProcessExtractedHtml(pageTitle: WikiTitle, text: String): String =
val startsWithLowercase =
if (text.isEmpty) {
} else {
val firstLetter = text.substring(0,1)
firstLetter != firstLetter.toUpperCase(pageTitle.language.locale)
if (startsWithLowercase)
val decodedTitle = pageTitle.decoded.replaceFirst(" \\(.+\\)$", "")
if (! text.toLowerCase.contains(decodedTitle.toLowerCase))
// happens mainly for Japanese names (abstract starts with template)
return decodedTitle + " " + text
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