Warm up tasks

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If you are going to develop with the DBpedia team, it is important that you do the "everybody should do" tasks. It will be nice to look for tasks in our issue tracker, assign yourself, if nobody already is, and start discussing/working on the issue.

Note that these warm up tasks are targeted mainly to the selected GSoC students. Candidate students are also encouraged to try but it is not a requirement.

Everybody should do

Read about DBpedia

Please skim through our latest publication: http://svn.aksw.org/papers/2013/SWJ_DBpedia/public.pdf It describes the general DBpedia architecture and once you read it you will get familiar with all the DBpedia terms.


The best warm up task is to polish the user documentation. Read it up, ask questions, add the answers to these questions to the documentation so that the next guy doesn't have to ask them. Polish the content here to contain what you looked for, didn't find and had to figure out by yourself. Fix typos (we type fast!), rephrase confusing sentences. https://github.com/dbpedia/extraction-framework/wiki

Build from source

Download the latest code, build and try to run the software. Add to the documentation any error messages that you may find, or any information that we may have forgotten to add. Try first to run the server with files offered for download, instead of running the indexing process from scratch, because that can take a while.

Learn Scala, Basic Functional and Solid OO Programming

You will quickly fall in love with the elegance of Scala's functional programming combined with object-oriented programming. We don't need to be the most idiomatic Scala programmers, but you'll quickly notice that some patterns just stick with you. You should invest at least an hour a day during the "community bonding period" to learn Scala. See, for example, the Scala School by the Twitter folks. We learned the language while building DBpedia Spotlight, so you can do it too.

It would be really cool if you could

Fix some bugs / implement feature requests

We already tagged some tasks with the "GSoC Warm-Up Tasks".