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Name: Ismael Rodríguez

Mentor: Anastasia Dimou

Co-Mentors: Dimitris Kontokoskas, Wouter Maroy

Github Project: dbpedia/mappings-ui

Proposal: DBPedia Mappings Front-end Administration

DBpedia Support Page profile: ismaro.394

Project Description

Although the DBPedia Extraction Framework was adapted to support RML mappings thanks to a project of last year GSoC, the user interface to create mappings is still done by a MediaWiki installation, not supporting RML mappings and needing expertise on Semantic Web. The goal of the project is to create a front-end application that provides a user-friendly interface so the DBPedia community can easily view, create and administrate DBPedia mapping rules using RML. Moreover, it should also facilitate data transformations and overall DBPedia dataset generation


Bonding Week 1 (May 8 - May 14)

  • Studied the current mapping workflow: studied steps, created flow diagram.
  • Analyzed potential problems while editing a mapping.
  • Analyzed how the user interacts with current system
  • Studied how RML works

Bonding Week 2 (May 15 - May 21)

  • Studied existing systems, their interfaces and how they interact
  • Created component diagrams of interaction of DBPedia Framework and current Mediawiki.
  • Analyzed modifications to be done in Backend.
  • Studied React and Redux.

Bonding Week 3 (May 22 - May 28)

  • Set-up development environment
  • Created UI screen mockups, navigability map, description of screens.
  • Studied how permissions system could work.

Week 1 (May 30 - June 4)

  • Adapted aqua framework to have account groups.
  • Changed Aqua permission system to work based on "Accounts".
  • Adapted frontend to work with desired permission system.
  • Created tests for all the new functionality.
  • Modified navigation schema

Week 2 (June 5 - June 11)

  • Modified navigation schema and navbar, change depending on user permissions.
  • Integration with Travis CI and Heroku.
  • Final exams week, not much time...

Week 3 (June 12 - June 18)

Monday 12, Tuesday 13:

  • Expected: study finals...
  • Done: yes

Wednesday 14:

  • Expected: add dbpedia-specific features to user profile.
  • Done: yes, also some layout changes required to profile, admin, user profile and signup.

Thursday 15:

  • Expected: change mappings language to dropdown, finish changing structure of profile pages.
  • Done: yes.

Friday 16:

  • Expected: change layout of account search page to prototype's proposed.
  • Done: yes. In addition, changed layout of group search page to prototype's proposed.

Saturday 17:

  • Expected: Finish tests about profile and admin pages. Document how permission system works in Github.
  • Done: yes. In addition, implemented backend of help pages and tests.

Sunday 18:

  • Expected: Implement help pages list.
  • Done: yes. In addition, the page edition screen is almost finished.

Week 4 (June 19 - June 25)

Monday 19:

  • Expected: Finish page edition screen layout, behavior and tests.
  • Done: yes. In addition, implemented preview of markdown in editing page, and very basic visualization page.

Tuesday 20:

  • Expected: Implement basic page visualization and markdown rendering. Visibility behaviour.
  • Done: Yes.

Wednesday 21:

  • Expected: Finish page visualization tests and fully integration pages with frontend (Navbar, edit button hidden for not admins, home page protection)
  • Done: Yes. Also added some sample help posts.

Thursday 22:

  • Expected: Prepare meeting. Research about docker, make docker container of application.
  • Done: Meeting held. Changed plans, implemented a list of posts for regular users.

Friday 23:

  • Expected: Review tests and complete them. Investigate about VoCol.
  • Done: Done. Also investigated about WebProtege.

Week 5 (June 26 - July 2)

Monday 26:

  • Expected: Investigate on WebProtege integration.
  • Done: Yes. Determined that WebProtege 3.0 is the best option. Installed localy, studied interface.

Tuesday 27:

  • Expected: Nothing, I have to spend all day moving my stuff back from residence to home.

Wednesday 28:

  • Expected: Start integrating Mappings UI with local WebProtege instance. Complete evaluation.
  • Done: Yes. Integrated accounts, investigated about how ontology exporting works.

Thursday 29:

  • Expected: Continue integrating Mappings UI with local WebProtege instance. Meeting.
  • Done: Yes. Created modules for getting ontology from WebProtege and pushing to Github.

Friday 30:

  • Expected: Do automatic process of updating ontology in github and local folder when Webprotege changes.
  • Done: Yes.

Saturday 1:

  • Expected: Deploy a preliminary version of integration with WebProtege.
  • Done: Yes. Github automatic pushing to be fixed on Heroku, works locally.

Week 6 (July 3 - July 9)

Monday 2:

  • Expected: Fix the github ontology pushing problem and some bugs in deployed instance.
  • Done: Yes.

Tuesday 3:

  • Expected: Start implementing mapping edition list. Prepare meeting.
  • Done: Yes.

Wednesday 4:

  • Expected: Implement mapping list screen. Have meeting.
  • Done: Partially. Had meeting, changed plans.

Thursday 5:

  • Expected: Start implementing data structures needed for mappings.
  • Done: Yes.

Friday 6:

  • Expected: Finish implementing data structures needed for mappings, start with API.
  • Done: Yes. API for mappings almost completed.

Week 7 (July 10 - 16)

Monday 10:

  • Expected: Finish API for mappings, and data-structures for mappings and mappings history.
  • Done: Yes. Also implemented mapping list screen.

Tuesday 11:

  • Expected: Implement mapping list screen and load data from RML repository.
  • Done: Yes, also started implementing mapping edition page. Integrated ACE editor into post edition screen.

Wednesday 12:

  • Expected: Start implementing mapping edition page, integrate Javascript Editor.
  • Done: Yes. Also, implemented wikipedia page searcher in mapping list, with fake data.

Thursday 13:

  • Expected: Finish implementing basic version of edition page, with Javascript Editor.
  • Done: Yes.

Friday 14:

  • Expected: Start implementing mapping history.
  • Done: Yes, finished completely.

Week 8 (July 17 - July 23)

Monday 17:

  • Expected: Start implementing mappings pushing to Github.
  • Done: Yes.

Tuesday 18:

  • Expected: Finish implementing mappings pushing to Github.
  • Done: Yes. Also improved ontology pushing, code cleaned.

Wednesday 19:

  • Expected: Do admin panel to view update status.
  • Done: Yes.

Thursday 20:

  • Expected: Read papers, document github update. Meeting.
  • Done: Yes.

Friday 21:

  • Expected: Upload cleaned ontology to webprotege, finish documenting.
  • Done: Yes. Also, started to design template input interface.

Week 9 (July 24 - July 30)

Monday 24:

  • Expected: Start implementing template input interface.
  • Done: Yes.

Tuesday 25:

  • Expected: Finish implementing first version of template input interface. Do second evaluation.
  • Done: Yes, also integrated into mapping edition screen.

Wednesday 26:

  • Expected: Integrate template input interface into mapping edition screen.
  • Done: Yes. Also integrated wikipedia search box with Wikipedia API.

Thursday 27:

  • Expected: Connect template input interface to Extraction Framework.
  • Done: Yes.

Friday 28:

  • Expected: Start with two-way synchronization.
  • Done: Yes.

Week 10 (July 31 - August 6)

Monday 31:

  • Expected: Start implementing template input interface.
  • Done: Yes.

Tuesday 1:

  • Expected: Implement template list, extraction input.
  • Done: Yes.

Wednesday 2:

  • Expected: Finish edition interface with mocked-up data.
  • Done: Yes.

Thursday 3:

  • Expected: fix bugs of github syncronization.
  • Done: Yes.

Week 11 (August 7 - August 13)

Monday 7:

  • Expected: Finish fixing github sync bugs, add commit and message per file.
  • Done: Yes.

Tuesday 8:

  • Expected: Fix github sync bugs, deploy new version.
  • Done: Nothing, had problems.

Wednesday 9:

  • Expected: Fix github sync bugs, deploy new version.
  • Done: Nothing, had problems.

Thursday 10:

  • Expected: Fix github sync bugs, deploy new version.
  • Done: Yes.

Wednesday 9:

  • Expected: Connected mappings UI with ontology search in EF. Implemented cache.
  • Done: Nothing, had problems.

Saturday 12:

  • Expected: Connected mappings UI with ontology search in EF. Implemented cache.
  • Done: Yes.
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