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What is it?

For more information, see the README

For documentation, see either the readme, or the docstrings (both are doctest’d, so the examples are always up to date)

API utilisers

  • ccjensenmp4tvtags – Automatically tags MP4 video files using tvdb_api and AtomicParsley
  • davelstvdb-bulk-update – A MythTV tool to fill in TV metadata
  • Doug Vaughan – Jamu – “performs a variety of utility functions on mythvideo metadata and its associated video files and directories.”. Doug also helped with tvdb_api’s development by reporting a bunch of bugs and suggesting features
  • JakeWharton / thebdmt – “Community-driven, user-editable movie and TV show torrent indexing site. Created to demonstrate Polyreviki, pyy, and PyCache.”
  • Knio / scenerename – “Versatile script to automatically rename scene files to a more user-friendly format.”
  • analogue / MythBox – MythTV frontend for XBMC
  • midgetspy / sickbeard – a PVR for newsgroup users
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