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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Test the function to create safe filenames
import platform
from helpers import assertEquals
from tvnamer.utils import makeValidFilename
def test_basic():
"""Test makeValidFilename does not mess up simple filenames
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("test.avi"), "test.avi")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("Test File.avi"), "Test File.avi")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("Test"), "Test")
def test_dirseperators():
"""Tests makeValidFilename removes directory separators
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("Test/File.avi"), "Test_File.avi")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("Test/File"), "Test_File")
def test_windowsfilenames():
"""Tests makeValidFilename windows_safe flag makes Windows-safe filenames
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("Test/File.avi", windows_safe = True), "Test_File.avi")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("\\/:*?<Evil>|\"", windows_safe = True), "______Evil___")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("COM2.txt", windows_safe = True), "_COM2.txt")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("COM2", windows_safe = True), "_COM2")
def test_dotfilenames():
"""Tests makeValidFilename on filenames only consisting of .
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("."), "_.")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename(".."), "_..")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("..."), "_...")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename(".test.rc"), "_.test.rc")
def test_customblacklist():
"""Test makeValidFilename custom_blacklist feature
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("Test.avi", custom_blacklist="e"), "T_st.avi")
def test_replacewith():
"""Tests replacing blacklisted character with custom characters
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("My Test File.avi", custom_blacklist=" ", replace_with="."), "My.Test.File.avi")
def _test_truncation(max_len, windows_safe):
"""Tests truncation works correctly.
Called with different parameters for both Windows and Darwin/Linux.
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("a" * 300, windows_safe = windows_safe), "a" * max_len)
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("a" * 255 + ".avi", windows_safe = windows_safe), "a" * (max_len-4) + ".avi")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("a" * 251 + "b" * 10 + ".avi", windows_safe = windows_safe), "a" * (max_len-4) + ".avi")
assertEquals(makeValidFilename("test." + "a" * 255, windows_safe = windows_safe), "test." + "a" * (max_len-5))
def test_truncation_darwinlinux():
"""Tests makeValidFilename truncates filenames to valid length
if platform.system() not in ['Darwin', 'Linux']:
import nose
raise nose.SkipTest("Test only valid on Darwin and Linux platform")
_test_truncation(254, windows_safe = False)
def test_truncation_windows():
"""Tests truncate works on Windows (using windows_safe=True)
_test_truncation(max_len = 254, windows_safe = True)
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